Interstate Music is the most recent album available from Mobile, Alabama hip hop artist Mike Willion. It features a vibe that inspires you to hop in the ride & cruise the city or spark some incense (and/or whatever you prefer), chill and enjoy good company.

On this LP, Mike Willion once again exemplifies raw lyrics & relatable storytelling. Hip Hop should induce a feeling & when listed to in it's entirety Interstate Music definitely evokes emotions in such a way that it serves as the perfect soundtrack to the scenarios aforementioned.  

The album includes features from Drumming Cassanova (with butter-smooth vocals), Kellz Da Don, Big Cuz, A.Spen$ce and Rick Ross.

A few of the album's most notable tracks include "Give 2 U", "Fools Goldz", "Tryna Make It", "Old School", and "Letter 2 God". In Give 2 U Drumming Cassanova's smooth vocals & Mike Willion's suggestive lyrics will have you more likely opting for the latter scenario of just chilling with company *insert winky face emoji here* . The song is hypnotic and likely to put "grown-folk time" on your mind. Fools Goldz provides you with an unexpected delightful Jill Scott flip from Big Cuz & addictively honest bars from Mike Willion that automatically transport you into his world. It's short and sweet with just enough to make you leave it on repeat.  Tryna Make It also featuring Drumming Cassanova's tranquil vocals, provides a landscape that any independent artist can relate to. The chill vibe, lyrics that hit close to home for most of us, and the headnodic beat will make this another track you'll want on repeat. Old School is a track with a golden age southern hip hop vibe. The track features Big Cuz & Aspen$ce, all three artists will transport you back to a place in time where variety of dopeness & style was appreciated in mainstream and make you long for those days once again (thankfully these days still exist amongst independent artists).   Letter 2 God is an honest track that details what many of us with spiritual beliefs in the current day & time (especially in the arts) struggle with. The raw/real lyrics and chill vibe make it easy to vibe to & let you know you're not alone in the struggle.

These are some of my favorites, but overall, Interstate Music is solid body of work put together from the talented rapper I told you that you should keep an eye on. Rating: 4.5/5 fists in the air. Make sure you check him out on FacebookSoundcloud & Twitter.