Flickr:  Michael Coté

Flickr: Michael Coté


Album Releases

"Biograph"- Bob Dylan (1985)
"Ice on Fire"- Elton John (1985)

"Done by the Forces of Nature" - Jungle Brothers (1989)
"Journeyman"- Eric Clapton (1989)
"All Hail the Queen"- Queen Latifah (1989)
"Slip of the Tongue"- Whitesnake (1989)

"Double Or Nothing" - Erick Sermon (1995)
"Alice In Chains"- Alice in Chains (1995)
"Liquid Swords"- GZA (1995)
"Something to Remember"- Madonna (1995)
"Soul Food"- Goodie Mob (1995)

"Plain Rap" - The Pharcyde (2000)
"Forever"- Spice Girls (2000)
"Ride Wit Us or Collide Wit Us"- Outlawz (2000)
""- R. Kelly (2000)
"The Beginning and the End"- Bizzy Bone (2004)