Flickr:  Kiran SRK

Flickr: Kiran SRK


1918- Jimmy Blanton, Musician

Music Releases

"Heaven on Earth"- Belinda Carlisle (1987)
"Raise Your Fist and Yell"- Alice Cooper (1987)
"Wrong Way Up"- Brian Eno and John Cale (1990)
"The Bitch Is Back" - Roxanne Shanté (1992)
"Alapalooza"- "Weird Al" Yankovic (1993)
"The Body-Hat Syndrome"- Digital Underground (1993)
"Christmas Interpretations"- Boyz II Men (1993)
"Retro Active"- Def Leppard (1993)
"Steppin' Out"- Tony Bennett (1993)
"Uncontrolled Substance" - Inspectah Deck (1999)
"Around the Sun"- R.E.M. (2004)
"Barenaked for the Holidays"- Barenaked Ladies (2004)
"ClassiKhan"- Chaka Khan (2004)
"Greatest Hits, Volume 1"- Korn (2004)
"The Grind Date"- De La Soul (2004)
"The Disrupt" - Oh No (2004)
"Has Been"- William Shatner (2004)
"Palookaville"- Fatboy Slim (2004)
"Untold Story" - The Game (2004)
"Real Gone"- Tom Waits (2004)
"Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101"- Wyclef Jean (2004)