Music Releases

"She Loves You"- The Beatles (1963-US)
"Surfer Girl"- The Beach Boys (1963)
"Rapper's Delight"-The Sugar Hill Gang (1979)
"Asylum"-KISS (1985) 
"Eazy-Duz-It"- Eazy-E (1988) *Sources vary
"Exitos de Gloria Estefan"- Gloria Estefan (1990)
"A Lesson to Be Learned" - RBL Posse (1992)
"Hot Like Fire/The One I Gave My Heart To"- Aaliyah (1997)
"Based on a True Story" - Mack 10 (1997)
"Butterfly"- Mariah Carey (1997)
"My Way"- Usher (1997)
"When Disaster Strikes"- Busta Rhymes (1997)
"Deliverance"- Bubba Sparxxx (2003)
"Grand Champ"- DMX (2003)
"Me & My Brother"- Ying Yang Twins (2003)
"The Soul Sessions"- Joss Stone (2003)
"Vaudeville Villain"- Viktor Vaughn (2003)
"Worldwide Underground"- Erykah Badu (2003)

Notable Events

1964-The first episode of Shindig! aired featuring Sam Cooke and more


1990- The New York Times: Review/Pop; Ice Cube's Hip-Hop Warms up the Apollo  
1990- The New York Times: POP VIEW; Rock vs. Disco: Who Really Won the War? 
2003- The New York Post: P. DIDDY TO PUFF UP NO. OF STORES