I declare my allegiance to you where I stand this day
You'll always have my love, I promise agape
When times are rough and it's tough that's all you've got to say
You can have my car keys straight valet
If I've got it and you need it you should know it's yours
Can't you see the loyalty seep right out my pores
I'd love to give you the world from shore to shore
If your earth is dry, I want to help you restore
Do what I must to support your proclamations
Do whatever I can for your edification
I'd give you my last without hesitation
All off the top with no proration
Be real with me, to front is time wasted
I'll motivate you when you're grounded give you aviation
Never lever your side no matter what the case is
I'm here for you, through whatever you're facing
If ever you need me
If ever you want me
You've gotta believe me
I will be there
You're in good company
Written By Achickwitbeatz

By Achickwitbeatz for Anagram's first solo album Good Company released 2/15/14.