Flickr:  __sarah_

Flickr: __sarah_

Music Releases

"Lincoln"- They Might Be Giants (1988)
"The Seeds of Love"- Tears for Fears (1989)
"Have You Seen Me Lately"- Carly Simon (1990)
"Nomads Indians Saints"- Indigo Girls (1990)
"Without a Net"- Grateful Dead (1990)
"X"- INXS (1990)
"Baldhead Slick & Da Click"- Guru (2001)
"Gold"- Ryan Adams (2001)
"Live Evolution"- Queensrÿche (2001)
"Nivea"- Nivea (2001) *Sources vary
"Songs from Call Me Claus"- Garth Brooks (2001)
"Tenacious D"- Tenacious D (2001)