Flickr:  Dale Napier

Flickr: Dale Napier


1913- Herb Jeffries, Singer

Music Releases

"Tonight"- David Bowie (1984)
"Heart Like a Sky"- Spandau Ballet (1989)
"Rust in Peace"- Megadeth (1990)
Marley Marl "In Control Vol 2" (1991)
"Blood Sugar Sex Magik"- Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)
"Face the Nation"- Kid 'n Play (1991)
"The Low End Theory"- A Tribe Called Quest (1991)
"Nevermind"- Nirvana (1991)
"Illadelph Halflife"- The Roots (1996)
"Sheryl Crow"- Sheryl Crow (1996)
"Dutty Rock"- Sean Paul (2002) *Sources vary
"Side Hustles"- UGK (2002)
"Up"- Peter Gabriel (2002)
"Voyage to India"- India.Arie (2002)
"Dreamland"- Joni Mitchell (2004)