Updated 1/28/14

I've come across some websites and articles that have great content for independent artists looking to properly market their music.  If you know of any others that should be included, please feel free to share as I intend to update with more links as often as I come across new relevant information.

Exposure to potential fans is critical for increasing your reach & fan base.  Praverb (emcee & blogger) has taken the time to compile some comprehensive lists and tips to help artists do exactly that.  His blog is dedicated to assisting independent artists advance their careers and I'd advise anyone who is serious about doing so follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook and/or subscribe to his blog

The Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog Directory via Praverb.net

The Ultimate R&B Music Blog Directory via Praverb.net

65 Online Radio Stations/Podcasts That Are Guaranteed to Play Your Music via Praverb.net

3 Music Marketing Tips That Will Help You Succeed via Praverb.net

Marketing Plan Ideas for your Music (Presented Through Tweets) via Praverb.net

Here are some additional articles with helpful information to consider when you're preparing to get the word out.