Conversations & Quotables: Q&A with Mz Jae

In this brief Q&A session, dynamic Chicago entertainer Mz. Jae offers her insight on entertaining.  She shares her inspiration and drops some useful gems beneficial to performers seeking wisdom.

Achickwitbeatz: Who is Mz. Jae?

Mz. Jae: Mz. Jae is an entertainer. I'm a people's poet. I'm not the kind of poet that will make you pull out your dictionary. I want to make you smile, laugh and think. I don't want to beat you over the head with propaganda, but just give you enough to think about. 

Achickwitbeatz: When did you discover you wanted poetry to be a part of your life?

Mz. Jae: I always loved words. I started playing with words in high school, but really didn't discover spoken word until later in life. I was hooked. All in. 100% and never looked back. 

Achickwitbeatz: You have a fun and distinctive way of infusing some of your poetry with comedy, can you tell us about how you get your inspiration?

Mz. Jae: I really think about things that have happened to me or happened to the people around me. I usually assume that if I think it's funny, other's will also. I think that when you tell the truth and you're willing to be transparent, you can always find the humor. 

Achickwitbeatz:: What would you say is the most valuable thing you've learned since you began performing?

Mz. Jae: Rehearse and prepare. You never know who you will run in to or meet. You never know when you'll be called upon so you should always have something in your bag of tricks. 

Achickwitbeatz: What are 5 attributes/skills that would put an artist on your top 10 list?

Mz. Jae: Clever
               Smooth approach
               Extraordinary delivery
               Dope presentation

Achickwitbeatz: Conversely, what are 5 attributes that would put an artist at the very bottom of your list?

Mz. Jae: Arrogance
               Bad Character

Achickwitbeatz: What's next on the horizon for Mz. Jae?

Mz. Jae: Right now, I am working on my sophomore release due out in October. Expect more visuals: videos, art, etc., and if God says the same MORE SHOWS! BIGGER SHOWS! 

Achickwitbeatz: How can people connect with you and stay current with what you have in the works?

Mz. Jae: Facebook: MzJaePoet
               Twitter: Jspot08
                Instagram: MzJae08
                Reverbnation: MizzJaePoet

Conversations & Quotables Mz. Jae