Photo Credit: Steele Candy | Otis Wilson III

Photo Credit: Steele Candy | Otis Wilson III

In this brief Q&A multi-talented poet/model Phire Free shares her passion for the arts, tips she's learned along her journey, and ways artists and entertainers can overcome obstacles.

Achickwitbeatz: Who is Phire Free?

Phire Free: Hello, my name is Phire Free. I am a poet, model, artist. I grew up in the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan. Phire Free was a strong name for me many reasons, mostly playing off my last name I used a gem stone (Sapphire) and a complex concept of Freedom, which opens often people don't recognize freedom has two components, freedom and freedom to. My name Phire Free has given me freedom to live life as I choose. Which is the power of art and creativity. Freedom to build and perceive.

Achickwitbeatz: When did you discover that you wanted poetry to be a part of your life?

Phire Free: Poetry has had many comings in my life, but poetry has been in my life since first grade. I stopped writing as much for a while and in 2011, poetry became a necessity for my balance. It's also a gateway to all of my other creative endeavors. Such as using photographic art to create visually appealing pieces, or written art combined with musical art (by a certain chick who makes beats I know) to make audible artistic art.

Achickwitbeatz: You model in addition to poetry, would you say there are any artistic similarites? If so, what are they?

Phire Free: Poetry is so dynamic it's not only words. Word manipulation is a beautiful form. Modeling is another form of expression where I can express a full array of emotions. As is music, in all honesty, my goal is to instill thought, if there is thought behind my work, I met my goal.

Achickwitbeatz: What would you say is the most rewarding thing about being a freelance artist?

Phire Free: In my humble opinion we're all paintings. As an artist, I see the universe as a painter adding colors and textures to my canvas. As the universe continues to build onto the piece, I'm understanding that life is art. We all start blank, then our parents, families, and schools add colors, then work, and hobbies add colors, then as we keep going relationships add different colors still. That may not be the order every time and those aren't the only "painters", but colors are constantly added and by different entities. In appreciating this, as an artist, we choose what colors look good on our canvas, or how they build with each other. A painter doesn't usually choose the colors of his or her piece, the piece speaks to the painter from inside. We speak to universe through heart and soul, I'm rewarded by those that become part of my life because they add color to my canvas.

Achickwitbeatz: What are the top 5 challenges you would say independent/freelance artists need to overcome?

Phire Free:
1. I wish artists could find a strong balance between confidence and humility. Confidence is recognizing that "I'm a human with a talent or with talents" people don't have to like me, but they do, and because they do, they give me encouragement to work harder and be better. So I will, for myself and for them.

Humility is knowing that the strength of my advancement is contingent on knowing that.

2. Artist should have a collective mindset to work cooperatively, that's how true competition gets built, through cooperative means. If there is a scammer that is getting over on artists we should work together to shut it down, not watch each other get scammed.

3. Artists should build each other through attending each others events and utilizing each other in shows, it's our community, there is no reason why we shouldn't control how its maintained. I'm including all art.

4. I know that sometimes we struggle for inspiration, we should embrace other forms of art. Lyricists should attend art galleries, painters listen to music, models study images. Sometimes inspiration comes from someone else's interpretation.

5. Most importantly, those who give their time at any capacity are listening, and a challenge is I see is appreciating an audience. Audiences don't just come they're built, so I try to say thank you, for their acknowledgement of my work.

Achickwitbeatz: What are the top 5 things you respect about independent/freelance artists?

Phire Free: Artistry is scary. I'm laughing, but I'm serious. I respect anyone that pours their heart out through their art. I respect honesty, creativity and creating newer surfaces. I respect all of those of us hybrids that bridge gaps through art. I respect anyone that's been hustling for years. It's all work and it takes endurance.

Achickwitbeatz: What's next on the horizon for Phire Free?

Phire Free: I'm excited, I have a fashion show I'm walking in WALK Detroit on May 31. I've always wanted to give back to Detroit, I can through this show.
I am entering Miss Dream Castle pageant in New York which takes place in June, so I'm preparing for that.
I have some events I'll be performing poetry for over the summer.
I'm supportive of "Put Up or Shut Up" Open Mic at The Mix Kalamazoo, every Tuesday at 9:30.
I may be collaborating with other artists and continuing to build artistically.
I worked with Clothing Connection Consignment Boutique to do a vintage wedding photoshoot for an article written by one of the owners.
I am working on my website, I am looking for some help with that.

Achickwitbeatz: How can people connect with you to stay current with what you have in the work?

Phire Free: I can be found at I can also be found @freephire on Twitter. I will release my website when I publish it. I have a blog:

For booking: I can be reached at

Visit Phire Free's website