I got the chance to chat with emcee/businessman RUDEy P of Prichard, Alabama who shares the story behind his artistry and "Straight Face Mafia" brand. Peep his story.

Achickwitbeatz: Who is RUDEy P?

RUDEy P: I am RUDEy P aka Mouthpiece or "formally known as". I am from Prichard, Alabama a small city north of Mobile. My philosophy on music is everyone can enjoy music, but everyone can't make it lol. But my name came at a time when someone contacted me about the Mouthpiece name saying they branded it so I switched up...and names find you, I say. People say I look rude and my last name starts with a "p".

Achickwitbeatz: When did you discover you needed music to be a part of your life?

RUDEy P: Music has always been in my life, but I will say I am the first in my family to pursue it as a career. I played in the band in middle and high school, played the drum in church sang in the choir (not very well BTW)...I tinker with production but I leave it to the pros.

Achickwitbeatz: What would you say is the best thing about being an independent artist?

RUDEy P: Money and learning the business first hand and actually owning something...a piece of the "American Pie" so to speak.

Achickwitbeatz: You are responsible for the "Straight Face Mafia" T-Shirt brand, can you give us a little background on that?

RUDEy P: Yes it's a brand I created last year. Started as a joke between me and some online friends. They said "Mike (my real  name), why don't you ever smile?" I said, "I'm in the straightfacemafia and we mean business."  So I made a post after getting a logo made. I said, "if I put this on a shirt who would buy it?". History after that but it's a shirt line, the logo won't be so dominate in the future.

Achickwitbeatz: What are 5 qualities/attributes that would place an artist on your top 10 list?

RUDEy P: Talent, skills, flow, drive, and personality

Achickwitbeatz: Conversely, what are 5 attributes that would place an artist at the very bottom of your list?

RUDEy P: I don't have a bottom...if I'm not feeling it, I don't listen.

Achickwitbeatz: What can people expect from RUDEy P?

RUDEy P: More music, more clothes, new artists, fresh beats and who knows what an EP with Conz 8000 called "Raps & Kicks", another EP called "Flight Delay: Best of RUDEy P and A Lo s.o.l.o"

Achickwitbeatz: How can people connect with you and stay current with what you have in the works?

RUDEy P: Mike Pendleton on Facebook, Iamrudeyp on IG and Twitter