Flickr:  Trish Thornton

Album Releases

"Let It Be"- The Replacements (1984)
"Freedom"- Neil Young (1989)
"(What's the Story) Morning Glory?"- Oasis (1995)
"The X Factor"- Iron Maiden (1995)
"A Worm's Life"- Crash Test Dummies (1996)
"The Best Of Richard Marx"- Richard Marx (2000)
"DJ-Kicks: Nightmares on Wax"- Nightmares on Wax (2000)
"Kid A"- Radiohead (2000)
"Fantasies & Delusions"- Billy Joel (2001)
"Instructions"- Jermaine Dupri (2001)
"Pain Is Love"- Ja Rule (2001)
"Total Devastation: The Best of"- Busta Rhymes (2001)