Flickr: Ky

Flickr: Ky

Album Releases

"Crossroads"- Tracy Chapman (1989)
"Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind"- Linda Ronstadt featuring Aaron Neville (1989)
"Eyes on This" - MC Lyte (1989) *Sources vary
"Mr. Scarface Is Back"- Scarface (1991) *Sources vary
"Divine Intervention"- Slayer (1994)
"No Need to Argue"- The Cranberries (1994)
"Curb Servin" - WC & the Maad Circle (1995)
"Daydream"- Mariah Carey (1995)
"Jealous One's Envy" - Fat Joe (1995)
"Jesus Wept"- P.M. Dawn (1995)
"If I Could Tell You"- Yanni (2000)
"The Last of a Dying Breed"- Scarface (2000)
"Sibling Rivalry"- The Doobie Brothers (2000)
"Soul Assassins II"- Soul Assassins (2000)
"Violent by Design"- Jedi Mind Tricks (2000)
"Warning"- Green Day (2000)
"You Win Again"- Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis (2000)
"You're the One"- Paul Simon (2000)
"Mr. Brown"- Sleepy Brown (2006)