Conversations & Quotables: Q&A with She Rocks the Planet

I had the chance to catch up with Meredythe Dee Winter, Director of the award winning series She Rocks the Planet, to discuss the tremendous movement the series has initiated to shine a much needed light on women in the music industry.

Achickwitbeatz: How would you define She Rocks the Planet?

She Rocks the Planet: A fresh new mix In music television! People's Telly® & Multi-Award   Winning: She Rocks The Planet!® The first series featuring women in the music & audio industries.  A news journal music magazine.

Achickwitbeatz: When did you first discover the need for your services?

She Rocks the Planet: I received a scholarship July 2013 to the Women's Music Summit in Hollywood, CA. After meeting the amazing Founder of the WiMN (Women's International Music Network Laura B. Whitmore & being immersed for 3 days with many notable woman in the music and audio industries, among the roster of talented women, was Songwriter/Producer Holly Knight (Songwriters Hall of Fame/She Rocks Award Winner) Guitarist Jennifer Batten (She Rocks Award Winner) Composer/Pianist Starr Parodi (First Women Music Director on the original Arsenio Hall Show) and each one of them talked about how difficult it had been to break into the music business, and then with all of the success that each one of them had, it was still challenging all these years later. I had heard the same thing for years from extremely successful women in the Film & Television Industry.
Additionally I met women from all over the world that were supremely talented musicians, songwriters of all ages and after spending the weekend with all of them, I thought, "There's a TV show here."

Achickwitbeatz: How do you overcome the difficulties that come along with being female in the business?

She Rocks the Planet: I keep on going, and have an attitude of gratitude and never give up. It is challenging a lot of the time. I've been blessed by the support and generosity of many amazing, talented artists, fans & friends & that is what will make She Rocks The Planet! successful.

Achickwitbeatz: What are 5 qualities/attributes that would place an artist on your top 10 list?

She Rocks the Planet: 1. Authenticity
                                     2. Originality
                                     3. Creativity
                                     4. Uniqueness
                                     5. Generosity

Achickwitbeatz: Conversely, what ate 5 attributes that would place an artist at the very bottom of your list?

She Rocks the Planet: 1. Middle of the Road
                                    2. Copycat or plagiarist
                                    3. Exploitative
                                    4. Selfishness
                                    5. Promoting violence that is not done in an artistic or educational manner

Achickwitbeatz: What can people expect from She Rocks The Planet?

She Rocks the Planet: Currently, we are working on She Rocks The Planet!® Series. We have an amazing content library of 100+ hours of Independent Female Artists, and some really cools guys, educational & entertaining music information. The show is from a female perspective and has something for kids, teens, & adults.
We are planning a crowdfunding campaign very soon as this has all been done with no budget up to this point. We need to create a community that will support a Series featuring mainly Indie Female Artists.  The Lady Gagas & Taylor Swifts of the world don't need a show like She Rocks The Planet!® they have so much publicity and promotion and can afford the best.  There are so many talented musical women creating so many styles of music out there, and I believe that there is an audience that is interested in learning more about these artists and styles. She Rocks The Planet!® wants to share all of these unique artists with a Global Audience.
I also want to have "Herstory Moments" of women who were pioneers, like Sister Rosetta Tharpe & Carol Kaye. There are stories about talented musical women that aren't widely known, because of their sex or race or both.  There are so many stories and so much music, I can see a Series like She Rocks The Planet!® running for a very long time.
Many female artists that were once on big labels, are now independent and run their own labels.  Isn't that fantastic, that they can now be in charge of creating their own opportunities and getting the music out on their own terms?
We've already been blessed with interviews and music from AMAZING musicians like Sheila E., Lisa Loeb, Malina Moye, Orianthi, Vicki Peterson & The Bangles, Mindi Abair & Narada Michael Walden, the Legendary Producer/Songwriter who discovered Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey &  worked with Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Carlos Santana & Sir Elton John, among others.
I have so many talented up & coming artists, prodigies and well- known musicians that want to be featured on She Rocks The Planet!®
Every day some Indie Artist wants us to look at their videos, listen to their songs, invite us to their gigs; we have to be bigger ourselves to cover everything that is being offered to us.

Achickwitbeatz: How can people connect with you and stay current with what you have in the works?

She Rocks the Planet: Since we are an all volunteer/student production, the best way to keep current with She Rocks The Planet!® is through our Social Media:
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