Mike Willism is the latest album available from Alabama rap artist Mike Willion. It features day-to-day living situations as well as thought provoking concepts via storytelling amongst headnodic tunes, fitting for either those nights you choose to chill or pre-game before hitting the club.

On this album, Mike Willion's raw lyrics storify a man's experiences with street life while gripping on to his spirituality.  When listened to from start to finish in it's entirety, it creates the feeling of watching and rooting for the protagonist with a good heart trying to overcome adversity.

With a myriad of features from Tito Lopez, Ysteeze, Young Enfamous, Yung HD, Eric Davis, Rich Boy, Bianca Clarke, DDMG & Stupid Da Genius, the various rap flows and styles contribute to the diversity of the album. The selection of interludes aid in setting the atmosphere for the upcoming tracks.

Some of the album's most notable tracks include "Thank Da Lord", "Dream", "Free Fall", "In My Cup" and "Tangled". Thank Da Lord allows you to glimpse into the mentality of Mike Willion and what possibly constitutes a "MikeWillism". The catchy chant-like hook is hypnotic and likely to be on repeat in your mind. With strong heartfelt verses from both Mike Willion and the feature it's a must hear. Dream blesses you with a tag team dynamic between Mike Willion and Young Enfamous in a seamless flow of bars for your lyrical delight.  Free Fall also features Young Enfamous. Both artists confidently confess personal struggles that are commonly relatable to listeners willing to be honest with themselves. This track continues to demonstrate the harmonic synergy between the two emcees.  In My Cup is a brief track with a party/club-anthem vibe. The catchy hook is likely to have you reciting it while holding your red Solo cup in the air. The flows of Mike Willion and Ysteeze will have you nodding and help you zone out to the feeling.  Tangled is an intense storytelling track that details the story of a young female struggling with pain and giving into deceptive ideals imposed upon young women in society. 

Overall, Mike Willism is solid body of work put together from the talented rapper you should keep an eye on. Rating: 4.5/5 fists in the air. Make sure you check him out on Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter.